Hooker Fahrenheit 11/9

  • Grab your reader’s attention, so they want to continue reading
  • #2 tell about a recent event
  • #3 anecdote or personal experience
    • Anecdote=little story
    • Ex: In 1998, President Clinton had an affair and was impeached.  Although the affair was not an impeachable offense, Clinton was impeached for lying about it under oath, and the truth came out anyway. 
    • Ex: When I was 8 years old….
  • #4 inverted (upside down) pyramid (???)
  • #5 fact or statistic
    • Startling fact or relevant statistic
    • Example: People lie in 1 out of 5 conversations lasting more than 10 min
  • #6 rhetorical question
    • Ex: Have you ever told a lie?  Did you eventually get caught?
  • #7 bold pronouncement
    • Ex: Everyone lies, including the person who wrote this sentence as well as the person who is now reading it
  • Example: Every one of us has told a lie at one point, but because lies always contradict something we know to be true, lies are nearly always exposed, revealing the truth beneath them
  • Don’t use: I, me, my, you, your
  • Hooks to avoid: NO #1 dictionary quote.  #2 start with a quote.  #3 I was thinking about what to write for this essay and came up with this…
  • Don’t skip the hook


  • The reader should watch Fahrenheit 11/9 because it explains how Trump won the election, educates one on Flint Michigan’s water crisis, and how Michael Moore covered his on ass; although there are interesting facts, Michael Moore’s views are always biased.

Fahrenheit 11/9

The writer first heard of Michael Moore a million years ago when he was in high school, his memorable history teacher forced him to watch a Michael Moore documentary.  “Oh geez, another boring documentary,” the young student thought.  But, it was unlike any documentary he had ever seen.  Michael Moore was highly intelligent, interesting, bold and funny.  Learning could be fun again.  He became not only a fan of Michael Moore, but also of documentaries.  Michael Moore’s career continued strongly, he won an Oscar for Bowling for Columbine, made a lot of money and joined the A List of Hollywood.  His most recent film is Fahrenheit 11/9.  The reader should watch Fahrenheit 11/9 because it explains how Trump won the election, educates one on Flint Michigan’s water crisis, and how Michael Moore covered his on ass; although there are interesting facts, Michael Moore’s views are always biased.

How did Trump win the election?  How is Trump America’s current president?  Many people are baffled and think this is still some horrible prank, and when the reality sinks in they are massively depressed.  The documentary starts out with a pre-celebration from Hillary’s party and the crickets over at Trump’s party.  It was a woman’s year.  It showed all the happy people waiting to hear that Hillary will be their next president.  But everyone knows how this story plays out.  Then it cuts to Hillary losing, having those who were celebrating crying.  It looked like some people were going to kill themselves and one is not sure how many of them actually did.  Next cut to Trump’s empty depressed party.  Nobody was smiling or happy, nobody was celebrating on Trump’s side for some reason.  Trump did not even bother writing a victory speech because he thought he was not going to win.  This is America’s current president.  This was the surprising conclusion of the election. 

                        Why did Trump run for president?  At the time of the election, Gwen Stefani on the Voice was being paid more than Trump on the Apprentice.  Trump is never going to be number two.  Trump came up with this genius publicity stunt to buy and schedule three presidential campaigns to boost his popularity in attempts to raise his Apprentice salary.  He had no intention of actually running.  His first rally he just said whatever was on his mind to spark publicity.  It was a disaster and his publicity stunt backfired on him and instead of boosting his popularity and thus increasing his salary; he was fired from the Apprentice.  So, now unemployed, he had two more rallys that he had already paid for; might as well use them.  The second rally was a huge success, with a massive turnout.  A lightbulb went off in Trump’s head and the rest is history.  This is how Trump accidentally became President of the United States.

            Michael Moore connects President Trump to the emperor of Flint.  He compares them both as successful businessmen who have no business holding any kind of office.  The emperor got elected most likely by buying his way into office.  Then he used his power to benefit himself.  The emperor somehow routed Flynt’s water supply into some dirty Michigan river which resulted in poisoning the poor class.  Michael Moore described it as a legal genocide to blacks.  This is what this documentary was really about.  Michael Moore is a hero and his weapon is his documentary.  His home is Flynt.  He cannot make a documentary just about the emperor of Flynt because no one will watch it.  So he throws in Hillary and Trump, but this was the main message he wanted to show.  He then showed Obama going to Flynt and drinking two glasses of water.  Everyone in Flynt hates Obama after that.  Michael Moore succeeds in secretly educating you on the shady dealings of Flint’s emperor. 

            Is Michael Moore a Trump supporter?  During the colossal election, one was under the impression that Michael Moore strongly disliked Hillary and liked Trump.  Michael Moore was everywhere Trump and his team was.  So, did Michael Moore openly support Trump, regret it after he was elected, then back track on his stance?  A part of this documentary explains in detail how Michael Moore was set up to look like he was a supporter of Trump while he adamantly was not.  Can a setup be that perfect?  Trump’s son backed one of Michael Moore’s book or documentary; Michael Moore was seen hugging Trump’s press secretary or something; Michael Moore was seen on tv joking with Trump, having a cordial interaction; Michael Moore was quoted as saying, “Don’t count trump out,” when it was sure Trump was going to lose.  One believes Michael Moore supported Trump strongly, then changed his mind afterwards and wanted to change his political image.  Michael Moore is a swip swapper.  Part of this documentary’s agenda was to protect Michael Moore’s public image.    

            Michael Moore’s documentaries are entertaining and informative.  But are they factual?  Michael Moore has a strong agenda.  He may or may not tell the truth, but one definitely thinks he leaves out a lot of pertinent information.  His argument always seems to be very strong with no flaws.  After a couple of viewings, one has learned this from his documentaries.  So, one will watch the documentary, and just decide for themselves if it is factual or not.  One should not take everything as one hundred percent truth.  One can watch and enjoy Michael Moore’s documentaries, but should be cautious in what one believes.

            Trump has now been elected.  One can see the chaos in the White House and the racist movement being unleashed upon America and the world.  One believes many Trump supporters have regretted their decision.  The majority of Americans did not vote.  One does not blame them.  On one side there is a female dishonest politician, on the other there is a blatant racist psychopath.  One also thinks everyone believed that Hillary was going to win anyways, so they did not vote.  One blames these apathetic voters for this country’s current disaster.  If one does not like a certain party, they should automatically vote for the opposing party.  Flynt is being destroyed from the inside out.  A people cannot let rich bullies do whatever they want for financial gain.  They must fight and rebel.  Michael Moore is a two-faced weasel and he should pick a side and stick with it.  Michael Moore’s view is always biased, although it may be truthful.  This documentary is worth a watch. 



Thesis statement

  • End of introduction
  • Argument, not a fact
  • Example Question: Explain why or why not people should study a foreign language. 
  • Formula: claim (your position) +3 reason (evidence)=thesis statement
  • Claim (your position) [People should study foreign languages] + 3 reason (evidence) [because 1 language learning strengthens the memory, 2 enlarges the vocabulary, 3 and builds an appreciation for foreign cultures.]
  • Example Thesis: People should study foreign languages because it makes them smarter. 
  • 3 piece thesis statement: Ex: People should study foreign languages because language learning strengthens the memory, enlarges the vocabulary, and builds an appreciation for foreign cultures. 


  • Thesis: The reader should watch Homecoming because the story was unique, the timeline was shot in an interesting way, and there was a profound message.   


            Imagine a high school girl having a tiara placed on her head in front of everyone amongst all the bright lights; this is not the homecoming this show is about.  What started as a podcast, is now a complete show.  Julia Roberts is back, been a long time since Pretty Woman.  One is guessing as she ages, Hollywood is not knocking on her door as much.  She is the executive producer and one can only assume she made herself the star.  Esmail something or other, who one believes directed the robot, also directs this series.  One can only assume that this is one long movie and will not continue to season two because it is so complete.  The Italian guy from Board Walk Empire is one of the stars and it is amazing the range of acting produced by this actor.  The reader should watch Homecoming because the story was unique, the timeline was shot in an interesting way, and there was a profound message.   

                        The story was unique, one has never read a story like this.  Desert veterans have come back from the war and the majority of them are suffering from severe PTSD.  Homecoming is a facility that helps veterans acclimate to civilian life.  Julia Roberts is the head of this facility.  The Italian guy is Julia Roberts’s boss.  Spoiler alert: Julia thinks she is helping these veterans, then she finds out the facility has an alternative purpose.  Scientists are testing a memory loss drug that will specifically block memories from the war, for the purposes of re-enlistment.  Julia falls for Walter, a veteran.  At first, Julia has helped Walter rehabilitate, the drug was a success.  But then Julia finds out that the purpose of the drug was to send soldiers back into the war; recycling.  Julia is the heroine and decides to incapacitate Walter while also wiping her memory thus destroying the progress made by this company.  The story is original and is worth a watch.

            Esmail is most likely responsible for the creative style this show was shot.  This style keeps the watcher engaged and interested throughout.  It starts with the present, then jumps to the past and present, until the full story is resolved in the end.  At some points it is confusing, even though Julia has different hair, it is not much different, but even with the confusion it still grabs the watcher and keeps them intrigued.  One is surprised how well this style is executed.  The sequence of events makes an excellent thought-provoking viewing.

            Homecoming is an anti-war movie.  It is on the side of the troops.  The message is war is detrimental to society by severely mentally damaging American troops.  The government has no problems recycling veterans from World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and all the desert wars.  Julia represents the people and how she defies the government in their war engine.  Julia has a conscience and this conscience allowed her to make a difficult but correct decision.  These characters were able to grow and evolve.  Sometimes if one loves something, one has to let it go.  The deeper meaning within the movie makes this movie worth a watch.

            One does not really see any amazing acting, but nor was it horrible: middle of the road.  The story was original and that is hard to come by these days.  The order the sequence of events played out made this an enjoyable watch.  Not only was this a visually stunning movie, it also had a great moral lesson within.  One can have the issue of reacclimation into civilian life brought up to light more so the American troops can get better care when they come home.  The reader should watch Homecoming because of the story, how it was shot, and its internal message.                                         

False Accusations



-my defense



-future of male teachers

-time to fight back

            I’m sitting there in my class.  A teacher comes running over.  I say, “You’re back.”  “Did you guys miss me?” he says.  He tells me he’s back for the day and I need to go into the office.  Is something wrong?  I walk over there.  The boss says he wants to talk to me.  Fuck, what did I do wrong now?  I go in there.  And this is what he fucking says to me, “A student said you showed a condom to a female student and that you were checking out a girl.”  Holy shit my whole teaching career is over; two weeks in.  Fuck.  The vice principal was interviewing the girl.  Here is what she said, “The teacher walked around the class checking out girls.  He made me uncomfortable by writing our names down on a piece of paper.  A girl got up and he checked her out.  The condom was dark blue with squares on it.  There was no C on the condom.”

            So these accusations are fucking astronomical, like life-threatening and career-ending.  This is what actually happened.  A fucking girl, wrote a C on a post it note and colored it in dark blue.  My name starts with a C.  This little girl gave it to me.  I took my wallet out and put the post it in my wallet.  All a substitute does is sit there with a blank stare on his face, he basically does not do anything.  My mistake, was sitting there watching the kids to see what they were doing; I should never ever fucking make eye contact with a student for this fucking reason.  I did walk around.  How do you define what checking out is?  I watched the students to see that they were doing their job.  Is that checking out?  How do you define someone who is watching you do work, and watching you because they want to fuck you?  Where is the line drawn?

            So, I’m defending myself.  I tell my side of the story.  I pull out the C.  But for some reason, after the story I put the C back in my wallet.  I’m a fucking psycho or something.  Such a crazy thing to do; then the vice principal comes in.  I give him the fucking C, to verify the story.  They were going to ask the girl what the condom looked like.  They described it pretty accurately. 

            They put me in kindergarten.  Now that I think of it, they made a huge fucking accusation, and were largely wrong, they should have let me go home with pay.  I was terrified of fucking up in kindergarten too.  I was afraid of making eye contact with an underage girl.  The teacher was talking and giving me instructions.  It just went through my head.  I was so fucking flustered.

            I had a new strategy.  Ignore the fucking students.  Mind my own fucking business.  Sit there, don’t make eye contact with anyone, and be nice to motherfuckers.  My main goal is not to get fired.  That is goal number one: self-survival.

            Then I go sub for this guy.  I open his drawer, and I see this amazing card.  It read, “I refuse to answer any question until my representative arrives.”  What this card really says is, “You motherfucking better think twice before you even think, or breath a fucking sexual accusation because I will rain a fucking shit storm of litigation on your punk ass bitch you motherfuckers.”

            Then I started to think, I was bullied as a child by people stronger and bigger than me.  Then I grow up, become a man, and am bullied by a fucking fifth grade girl.  A fifth grade girl is the boss of me.  That is why there are very few male grammar school teachers because they get fucked over and have their lives ruined.  No more motherfucker.  I will not live in fear.  I will be righteous, but I will not be bullied.  If you come after me, you better fucking believe I’m going to fucking come after you.  I’m going to be a crouching tiger hidden dragon.  I’m going to fly under the radar, get my teaching credential, get tenure, then I’m going to organize, and I’m going to protect fellow men.  I’m not going to let motherfucking fifth grade girls destroy any more lives.  We are going to sue so hard that people are going to be 150% sure there are some legitimate accusations.  Lawyers, court, and money is going to fly like crazy.  I will take on the world.  Men will not have to live in fear anymore.  This is my me too movement, motherfucker. 

            I am an American.  And what that means, is I do not take shit from anyone, even other Americans.  I am a fighter, and that is what I will do.  I will fight anyone and everyone with every ounce of my body. 

Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)


Thesis: should people watch velvet buzzsaw?

3 points

  1. Not memorable
  2. Plot
  3. Mixed genre

A woman puts her hand in a piece of art, then that piece of art sucks her in resulting in her bloody gruesome death.  The genre is either mixed or confusing.  The plot is straight forward and simple.  One does not remember too much of this movie.  Should people watch velvet buzzsaw?

Seems like a horror movie but there are subtle touches of other genres; this movie could be a combination of science fiction, horror and maybe comedy.  It just does not seem like a straight-forward horror movie.  Maybe the horror genre is so basic and structured that this does not feel like that genre.  Another aspect that tells me that this is not a horror movie is because Jake Gyllenhaal does not do horror movies.  He does do weird movies.  One thought this was a weird movie judging by the cover and thought it was like his other tarantula movie.  One did not suspect a horror movie.  If people like gory horror movies, they might want to watch this movie.

The premise of the story: there is some weird art, and whoever is in possession of the art gets killed somehow.  They either die from ghosts, suicide, or other weird things.  The art goes around and around killing everybody.  The movie is similar to final destination, because you know people are going to die, but one just wonders how they will meet their end.  If people find this plot attractive, they might want to watch this movie.

One does not remember much about this movie, thus making this probably not a good movie.  One does not remember where the haunted art comes from nor why it is killing people nor even what happens at the end.  One just assumes everyone dies.  One really only remembers a lady putting her hand in this oval shaped artwork, and having her hand sucked in and eventually killing her in a bloody mess.  It was quite cool.  One also remembers Jake Gyllenhaal was in the movie, but does not remember what he did.  The movie was a complete cloudy insignificant memory.

The movie is a point five out of five.  The mixed genre is all over the place.  It is maybe a horror movie or maybe a science fiction movie, but does not seem like a straight-forward horror movie.  It is better than a horror movie.  The plot is simple and straight-forward.  A haunted piece of art starts killing people.  This plot is enough for some people, some people might need more.  One does not remember much from this movie.  If one remembered every detail, it would have been a great movie.  People should not watch Velvet Buzzsaw.

51 World Financial Group Meeting

                                One has infiltrated the World Financial Group meeting for the sole purpose of shutting it down.

                The leader is a liar.  She exaggerates.  She said that a guy owned the whole building.  He does not own the whole building, he just rents it out.  Owning and renting out is a big difference.  So the first impression is that of dishonesty.  She told one’s mother that this annuity was not taxed, but in fact it was taxed.  In her defense, one does not think she even knew that the annuity was taxed.  She does not get marked for dishonesty here, but for ignorance.  She is off to a rough start.

                The nice hair guy might be a good person.  People fall under two categories here: 1. they know they are lying but lie to you.  2.  They actually believe the bullshit they are spewing, thus making them uninformed.  One believes that the nice hair guy believes what he is saying.  He believes in the product and he believes he is helping people.  Ignorance is bliss and he gets a pass here.  One can tell he is honest by the questions he asks.  If he knew about the product, he would not ask about it.  His lack of knowledge proves his innocence.  If he knew all about the product, he would not ask about the question.

                The speaker was the most informed person in the room, but that also makes him the biggest bullshitter.  He knew everything about the company and product; he was probably the only one.  Whenever you asked him a question, he answered it honestly.  But sometimes when you do not tell someone something, it is kind of lying by omission.  During the introduction, he was only supposed to give his name, but he went into his life story.  And he would have kept on talking if the nice hair guy did not interrupt him and stop him.  Maybe the speaker is crazy or something.  A couple observations about the speaker: 1. He used a fucking cordless mouse as his ppt clicker.  After that, one went out and spent thirty dollars on an actual ppt clicker so one would never look like a piece of shit like that.  2.  He presented a ppt that had information from 2009.  What the fuck?  If one wants to succeed in business, one has to have updated information.  Ten fucking years ago, one has to assume any and all information presented was obsolete and useless.  He is either lazy or a scam artist.  But if he was a scam artist, he would have updated the data with recent year’s fake data.  This guy was off to a bad start. 

                The speaker’s sales pitch was too good to be true.  Maybe he was telling the truth, but if that was the case, he was omitting some very important information.  The things I grasped from the ppt: 1. it is easier to get an insurance claim than other insurance companies.  There is a scale of zero to three of incapacitation (zero being need no help, three being total paralysis).  One needs a level one to get an insurance claim (one is needs arm assistance).  One’s condition does not need to be permanent; it can be temporary to get a claim.  There must be some kind of fine print there.  One believes that getting an insurance claim must be very difficult or else insurance companies would be passing out money like candy.  2.  No lose annuity: he explained some annuities where it only gained, and never lose.  Any investment that is a hundred percent win regardless, always seems sketchy. 

                One’s grandmother was bed-ridden for around fifteen years.  One understands that humor is important in making a ppt presentation flow.  But making jokes about old useless people is somewhat in poor taste.  After some of those jokes, one wanted to say out loud that one’s grandmother was bed-ridden for fifteen years.  One wonders how he would do in a cancer ppt.

                My mother is still fucking brainwashed, maybe even more.  In this ppt, my mother found out that the annuity was indeed taxed, when she believed it to be untaxed.  But she also learned, one can buy annuities with cash.  When she heard this, she asked the boss with eagerness, like she was going to shell out another three hundred thousand cash for another investment.  The boss’s eyes lit up and answerer her, like she was going to swallow my mother whole with one gulp.  My mom is in way too deep, and it is up to me to pull her out of this shit.     

                Overall, one believes he has more than enough evidence to at least present a solid ppt to present to one’s mother.  But one believes she is too far gone and will not listen.  But all one can do is try.

                Currently one is You Tubing pyramid schemes.  One will be quite informed about all of this when this is all done.