Poker Journal

            Fuck I’m so tired.  It’s 2:10am.  It takes me about 2 hours to do poker notes, just finished.

            Fuck shit balls.  I lost again today because I played scared.  I’m going to play like I have nothing to lose, because I don’t, if I don’t gamble, I can’t win.  I was scared, so I deserved to lose.

            There were like three instances where I should’ve shoved, but I didn’t, because I’m a chicken shit.  I may have or have not have won.  When I am short stack, I just have to shove and hope for the best.  Ride or die motherfucker.  If I don’t double up, I lose anyways motherfucker.

            K5 hearts vs 22 (allegedly)

            Guy raises on the button, he’s been doing that consistently.  There was a limper under the gun.  I call.  The previous hand I called, and shipped allin and won.  Flop 26A (two hearts).  I check, 2’s check, guy bets 10050.  I tank for a long time.  Should I ship or cold call.  It’s half my stack.  I eventually call.  Motherfucker behind me makes it 30k.  raiser folds.  I tank for a little bit more.  If I call, I lose, but with 10k I can live to fight again.  There is enough in the fucking pot to justify a call.  He might have a lower flush draw.  He looks weak.  I fold.  Never the fuck again.  If it is half my stack, I go allin and hope for the best, or I fold, but why would you even play that hand if you didn’t want a flush draw.  Fucking check raise allin or shove allin pre.  You motherfucker.  You cockcusker.  Bet into him, and hope for the best, don’t check raise him.  Fuck.  You play this hand right, you might’ve won.  Those other hands you should’ve shipped.  Aggressive is king.  Don’t be afraid to lose, just fucking go for it man.  !!!


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