41 poker journal

            Everyone knows how I play.  So I got to switch it on them.  I have this image as a loose, bluffer.  So, I basically got fucked up.  Lost a shit load of hands.  Won one.  You just get caught in this situation where there is no where to run.  Maybe just defend your blind, and don’t play any other hands.  But you’re most likely going to go allin and lose.  Maybe I don’t know how to fucking play this game.  Today I was defeated.  I have to learn how to play tight.  I don’t have that many chips.  I don’t know.  I don’t know how to play tight.  Tight is not my strategy.  I lost horribly today.  Just fucking annihilated at every corner.  I got to slow down.  Tomorrow I will play tight, and see how that works.  Play tight, and only defend my blind.  That’s it.  But I will defend it to the fullest.  Made some bad calls today.  I know they are bad calls.  I’m actually kind of fucking exhausted right now.  I don’t want to do any hand anal right now, I actually don’t want to do shit, just want to veg out.  I’m going to call my wife. 



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