42 Strategy

            I woke up with an epiphany.

            So, everyone knows I’m a fucking bluffer.  They’re going to call me down with fucking anything. 

            So, I’m going to play tight my first level.  I will defend my big blind with everything I got.  I’m not really going to defend small blind that much.  But other than that, I will play real tight.  First level I will observe motherfuckers.  I will reraise with high pocket pair (10’s and up) and AK, but play cautiously.  Not get too crazy.  I will call raises with small pocket pair to try and flop a set, and that’s it.  I will raise with high pocket pair and big ace, I will not bluff, but will be a calling station.  I’m not going to slow play shit.  Full steam ahead motherfucker.  I will limp call a raise with underpair. 

            I will not bluff unless my table image gets solid and verified.  Play tight, get no callers, then bluff until I get caught, then play tight again.  That’s what I’m going to fucking do.  That’s the line I walk.  I will be magnificent.  I will do research and be amazing.  This is what a full night of sleep will get me, a very solid strategy. 


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