43 poker journal

            Misplayed one hand pretty bad, and I let a motherfucker abuse me, I don’t let motherfuckers abuse me.

            KJ (blue jacket) vs 810 (me)

            Guy raises my sb like for the 3rd time in a row. I just won a hand by shipping it in bb.  I cannot ship it in small blind again, they will not believe me.  I decide to fight this motherfucker.  I call.  Flop Q810.  I check.  He motherfucking checks.  What the fuck?  Turn Q.  fuck.  I bet 4k, the raise amount.  He calls with open-ended. Cocksucker.  River an Ace.  I check, he thinks about it, and fucking checks.  I fucking lose.  Piece of shit.  I should’ve went allin on the turn.  If he bet river, I probably would’ve called him.  Or folded. 

            Right play was go allin.

            1010 (me) vs xx (gray sweatshirt)

                        Guy raises in early position 1000, I reraise to 3000.  Flop JK.  He checks, I check, he bets 4k on turn, I fold.  I should’ve bet 3k and gave up.  What the fuck did he have? 

            44 (me) vs 1010 (blue jacket)

                        I raise preflop in early position, he cold calls with 1010.  Flop 223.  I can’t fucking believe it.  he checks, I bet out, he calls.  Turn 5.  Fuck, overcard but open-ended.  He checks, I bet 6k, he goes allin for like 20k.  I fold.  Fuck.  What the fuck man?  How the fuck did I know he was going to raise turn, should’ve checked it to win the fucking hand. 

            Q2 (me) vs beard

                        Motherfucker raises my bb again, bunch of callers.  I was recently caught shipping with 910.  I just call.  Flop Jxx two diamonds.  Checked around.  Turn K.  I bet 4k, raiser (alleged flush draw) calls.  River I chicken out and check, he bets 7k, I fold.  Can I fucking call him?

            How we play the fucking river: we bet or we check call.  Period.  That’s how we do.  Bet 8k on river to win.  Or we check call with something. 

            RR, big ace-we have to c bet once, regardless, we cannot check it. 

            Probably misplayed a bunch of other shit, but those are the ones I remember. 

            I had 910, small blind, and I shipped it when AK raised me, he called and fucking lost.  Fuck that guy. 

            Did playing tight do shit for me?  I don’t know.  I’m going to play tight tomorrow, with blind defense, and gradually get more looser.  That’s what I’m going to do.  Let’s win some fucking money tomorrow. 

            Kind of a bullshit tournament.  Series, pretty much, sounds kind of like horseshit.  Let’s win this motherfucker. 


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