44 game day

            What did we learn this week?

            The more scared you play, the more tight you play, the more you lose.

            Aggressive is king. 

            Today’s strategy: I’m second chip leader at my table.  I have a huge problem, chip leader is to my left.  He is a solid player, and he’s the thing keeping me from the final table.  For one level, I’m going to play tight aggressive.  There’s no motherfucking limping at this point.  You either raise fold or raise call.  You got to be a complete dipshit to limp at this point.  Opening hands, any pocket pair, big ace, you c bet once then give up, for the first level.  Yesterday I laid down AJ under the gun.  I think it was because I got reraised when I raised with AQ, so there’s no point in raising again with AJ and folding to a reraise.  Defend your blind to the death. 

            No fear.  The more you fear, the more you lose.  Patricia knows I am a bluffer, but she will still fold her hand. 

            After level 1, I will begin to gradually open up, and will aggressively put an end to the chip leader, to eat the whole table up.  But level 1, just take it easy.

            Play good poker.  Aggressive poker is good poker.  People who fold or check cannot win tournaments.  Eye of the tiger.  Believe in yourself, believe in your reads.  Play like a poker champion.  You prepared this whole week.  You have solidified your game.  Play good fucking poker.  If you lose, you will die fighting, you’re not going to sit there and get blinded out. 

            Most important rule is, defend your fucking blind with every ounce of your body, every fight you have in you, you will defend your blind.

            Last time I tried to money grab and I just ended up losing like a bitch.  No more money grab. 

            Watch motherfuckers for 1 level, and then start raping people.  Your job is to rape people.

            No fear, don’t play like a bitch, if I lose being aggressive, I lose, I would’ve played a good game.  Good luck cocksucker.   


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