50 transamerica

                One’s battle versus World Financial Group (WFG) and Transamerica continues.  One has more or less finished one’s research on WFG and is now researching Transamerica.  One’s research comes from You Tube, while one is taking a shower or having a bowel movement.  One is also listening to an audio book about insurance, but not exactly sure if it is helping one in his quest.

                Research accumulated so far: one needs to keep insurance separate and investments separate.  The saying was: keep insurance insurance and keep investments investments.  A lady, smarter than one, compared putting one’s money in this life insurance versus anything else.  If one were to invest $40,000 into this insurance for ten years, to one’s recollection, one thinks he would lose $10,000 and end up with $30,000.  BUT if one would invest in a normal or better than average investment, he should make $60-$80 thousand in ten years.  If one would do the math, he would notice that not buying insurance would make more profit. 

                One is still researching for more evidence, but this is a great start.  It is enough to drive the nail down, but not enough to finish it.  My research continues.


49 Me vs World Financial Group, Transamerica

            Where should one start?

            The family sold the business of thirty fucking years.  What does one do for retirement?  How about get brainwashed and join a pyramid scheme?

            One’s mother has accomplished this.  She has worked hard her whole life, suffered from an abusive husband and a problem child.  If she wants to throw her money into the ocean, she has that right.  She started off with buying a small insurance plan, then she got greedy and eventually bought a million-dollar life insurance plan.  Holy fucking shit!  This costs fifteen hundred a month, fifteen hundred that this family does not have.  But again, it is her money she can do what she wants with it.  

            Then she wants one and one’s wife to buy a plan.  One must draw a line there.  Like a disease, that spreads from person to person infecting everyone, one must find the cure.  Enough is enough.  One is going to take precious time off his poker study and cset study to research this bullshit company and all companies associated with said bullshit company.

            One’s goal is to get one’s mother to find some clarity and stop putting time and effort into this project.  Most retired people go dancing or find hobbies, they do not fucking join pyramid schemes with money they do not have.

            So far: World Financial Group is a pyramid scheme, but is not a scam.  One can make money if they become a master recruiter, but the caliber of recruiter one must become is quite rare.  The product seems legitimate so far, but one must do a lot more research.

            One’s game plan: read the contract-fucking figure out what it means; audiobooks-World Financial Group, Transamerica, life insurance, long-term care, pyramid schemes; google and YouTube the shit out of everything; and infiltrate their bullshit seminars and maybe stalk some people in one’s mother’s line.  At the end, one will have a power point presentation to try to convince one’s mother to put a fucking stop to this all.  One’s mother has committed into this because one does not have the ability to support himself.  She has a fear that after she is dead one and his wife will starve to death.  One is the reason why she is going to throw all her money into the ocean.  One must make things right.    

48 essay formula




Body paragraphs (3)

            Paragraph structure

                        Topic sentence



                        Concluding sentence


            Summarize three points

            Restate thesis-antithesis


1st topic sentences

2nd transitions

3rd everything should support your thesis

Let’s put this fucking formula to the test.

1. subject: Fyre (2019)

2. title: Festival on Fyre

3.  Thesis: Should one watch Fyre?

4.  hook: Imagine paying four thousand dollars and looking forward to a dream vacation, but end up stranded, hungry, homeless, and in fear of your life.  This is what happened at Fyre Festival. 

5.  Three things:          1.  Who really was Billy McFarland

                                    2.  Did Billy McFarland initially have the plan to defraud customers all along or was he just in way over his head?

                                    3.  What is the difference between the Fyre application and the Fyre Festival?

Fyre (2019)

Festival on Fyre

            Imagine paying four thousand dollars and looking forward to a dream vacation, but end up stranded, hungry, homeless, and in fear of their life.  This is what happened at Fyre Festival.  Who really was Billy McFarland?  Did Billy McFarland initially have the plan to defraud customers all along or was he just in way over his head?  What is the difference between the Fyre application and the Fyre Festival?  And finally, should one watch Fyre?

            Was Billy McFarland a genius?  Magnises was the first company Billy created.  It was an exclusive credit card targeted at millennials.  It was a sleek and stylish metal credit card that was used to get into special parties.  But unfortunately, Billy was paying for all these unique events with his American Express card and he racked up two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in debt.  Magnises was a genius idea, a huge success, but the outcome turned out to be a disaster.  It could have had a different outcome.  When people were debating whether to believe Billy or not, his past came up as the mastermind behind Magnises.  Billy used the momentum of the largely successful Magnises, to spear head into the Fyre application.  The Fyre application’s function was an easy way to book has been celebrities, because real celebrities do not need to be booked through an application.  Real celebrities use managers and real human beings.  This was a real application that was another victory for Billy.  He had a whole team with a year of progress on it with no signs of slowing down.  Then some guy gave Billy a small seed of, maybe create a festival to promote this fire application.  That idea blew up into what was known to be, Fyre Festival.  Whenever someone asked who Billy was, they answered many times, “Billy is a great entrepreneur.”  Not only was he a great entrepreneur, he was also a genius, but if he did not try to cut corners, he could have been magnificent.  His story was an amazing one, and one worth watching, and one would not be surprised if they made a biopic about him landing him even more money.

            From the inception of Fyre Festival, did Billy plan to defraud the world?  Or, was he this overly ambitious dreamer who believed all that he said?  The brain in the Duck Tales cartoon created these spectacular commercials to a product that did not even exist yet.  Everyone wanted the product, but the product was not even invented yet.  Fyre Festival was the same case.  Billy shot an amazing commercial for something that did not exist.  Everyone wanted to buy this product, but it did not exist yet.  He created a massive demand, then he frantically scrambled to create the product.  He did not intend to defraud his customers, he just made poor decisions and got unlucky.  First, he tried to book Norma’s Cay, Pablo Escobar’s tropical island, but he disobeyed a request to not call it Pablo Escobar’s island in media.  He was ousted from the island and had to find another.  He sold tickets without knowing the full logistics of the island.  He had overbooked the island and instead of giving refunds, he was just going to find a solution to his problem and make it work, positive thinking.  After that, everything just came crashing down: travel, food, housing, and venue.  He should have pulled out at any one of those failure markers, but he just kept on barreling through.  He had no money, all he had was entrepreneurship.  He got money for his dream through investors, and he needed his dream to pay back these investors.  If he backed out at any time, he would have been ruined, but maybe not go to jail.  If he kept going, there was a small chance that he would have made it and become famously rich and well-known throughout the entertainment world.  They alluded to the first Woodstock.  It was also one of the biggest disasters in history, but they pulled it off, and one does not remember the failures of Woodstock, they just remember how memorable and great it was.  Social media is powerful, and this will be a case study that will be examined in the future.  Fyre Festival was the first, but it will not be the last, and it is an interesting story to watch. 

            The Fyre application should have been Billy’s real dream.  Fyre application would have made Billy rich and elite.  Fyre Festival was the thing to promote his real dream, the Fyre application.  The tragedy of this whole situation is the Fyre Festival’s failure resulted in the Fyre application failure.  Fyre application was working and fine, but the reputation was just destroyed.  Anything with the word Fyre in it would never be touched again.  Surprisingly, Ja Rule was not harmed in this whole shit storm.  Not only that, he copied the Fyre application and now it is Iconn.  Iconn will be successful.  Billy McFarland is a star and there will be a sequel to something down the road.  One should stay tuned to see how his life unfolds. 

            Billy McFarland is a business savant and if he uses his abilities in an honest way, he will eventually be successful in something.  He has heart and ability and the refusal to die and give up.  A little Elon Musk is in him.  “I have to be dead or incapacitated for me to give up”-Elon Musk.  Billy’s dream was Fyre Festival, and he believed he could achieve it, but the reality was he did not have the ability or resources to complete a project of this magnitude.  He had everything to lose if he quit, and a very small chance of success if he kept going, and he chose to keep going.  The Fyre application was a victory, and is still a victory in the form of Iconn, but the Fyre festival murdered the Fyre application unfortunately.  Fyre is a five out of five stars and is worth a watch.  “I went home, took a shower, gargled some mouthwash, and went over there fully prepared to suck that guy’s dick.”-Andy King.

Bandersnatch (2019)


            .5 stars out of 5.

            What a pile of shit.

            If one would take the masterpiece of Groundhog Day, and try his best to fuck it up in every way possible, one would end up with Bandersnatch.

            Bandersnatch gets points for trying, but that is all it is getting. 

            One is eating breakfast and wants to watch the latest black mirror episode.  It happens to be Bandersnatch.  1.  You cannot watch it on Apple T.V.  Format not available or something.  2.  If one is to watch it on computer, one must click every so often to decide. 

            This movie is like the first horrific failure of Elon Musk’s rocket launch.  But the happy ending to this story is that eventually this concept will be something amazing.  But this current movie happened to be a colossal fuck up.

            This kid is in a Groundhog Day loop.  One has complete control over what he does.  If one does not make the correct decision, the move will never fucking end.  One feels like destroying his own computer in the middle of this movie. 

            Acting is whatever.  Stars are whatever.  Story is whatever. 

            There should be an option where one does not have to make decisions, so they can enjoy it while doing aerobics or jerking off or something. 

            Nice try Netflix.  They are not there yet, but they will get there sooner or later. 

            Not worth a watch unless one wants to experience what an annoying fuck up of a movie feels like.  If one does not make the correct decisions, the movie will run indefinitely, which turns out to be a huge pain in the ass.    

46 Write Well

            All-right motherfuckers, free fucking writing is gone.  One must take the CSETS soon, so one must up his writing English game into some formal shit.

            Six rules accumulated so far: 1.  No contractions.  Bye bye motherfucker.  One’s contraction days are over.  2.  No (there is) or (there are).  Use (many) and (much) Strong sentences are the way of the future.  No more shitty sentences.  3.  No (really, very, a lot so).  These words are weak and meaningless.  To throw them out completely will improve ones writing immensely.  4.  No passive voice, use active voice.  Things from now on are not going to be fucked, they will be fucking.  5.  Use strong verbs.  If the noun can be a verb form, just fucking use the verb form of the noun.  6.  No talk in the first person.  No more I, you.  One must talk in the third person from now on.  One is a shitty repetitive word.  Time to practice and write some amazing engrish.  7.  No small words, expand vocabulary.  Put one’s years of English experience to use, motherfucker

            Achieved seventh place last night.  Made the money, then went for it.  Could have probably squeaked my way further, but just decided to go for it.

            K10 (old guy) vs J8 (me)

            K10 limps in early position.  Many called.  One calls with J8 in small blind.  Flop was 10J10.  J8 ships it, K10 calls to win the hand.  Many handed, why risk tournament life.  1200 limp, around six players.  6k in pot.  Bet 3k to see where players are at, then give up hand.  Many players, likely someone has a 10.  Do not risk tournament life at the end.  Use guerrilla warfare and sneak way up to a chop.  Easy cheesy lemon squeezy.   

            First time coming back in a long time.  One is the most hated person in the local casino.  How is one supposed to write a journal without the word I: im-fucking-possible.  One day at a time, motherfucker.        

            Today’s agenda: doing poker, work out, and csets.

            Need to get caught up on movie/show reviews.  One is backed up. 

45 suicide

            I want to fucking kill myself.  Am I going to actually do it?  Fucking no.

            I lost this final series.  Fuck. 

            K10 (swws hat) vs A4 (me)

            I raise under the gun.  K10 calls me, this was the second time I have raised in a row.  Flop K8x.  I bet 13k (raise amount).  He calls me.  Turn 8, I bet 25k, he calls me.  River 9.  I bet 75k.  calls.  That hand cost me the whole fucking tournament, cocksucker.

            Final hand

            Short stacked.  77 early position, I go allin, AQ calls, AK ships for a little more.  Flop a fucking Ace, then a Q on river if that wasn’t even enough.  There goes my poker career.

            2019 was supposed to be my year.  Guess it’s my year to eat shit. 

            What do I do now?  I think, for one month, I’m going to grind this substitute racket.  Take any fucking job I can get, this is to punish me for playing bad poker.  When I’m not substituting, I will play the bullshit local poker room tournaments.  And after that, study for the fucking csets.  Motherfucker.  We’ll see what happens this month.

            Nobody has ever fucking believed in me.  My dad, I was playing the best poker in my life, then he comes down and tells me that I should do business in china.  Fucking manic depressant, nothing to live for, uphill battle for most of my life, and I finally am able to support myself.  But that way wasn’t acceptable, not only did I need to survive, I needed a respectable profession.  I fucking lost everything after that, what’s the fucking point.

            When I was a boy, I was ready to take the world by storm.  This is what my mom fucking told me, “You can’t change the world.”  What the fuck is that to say to a little fucking boy?  Even if it is true, you fucking lie to that motherfucker and support him.  How crushed were my spirits.  I will never forget that even if I tried.

            When we first met, my whore wife, I told her I wanted to be a director.  She told me, “that is never going to happen.”  My first idea in my mind was to leave her, because the only requirement I have, the fucking only one, is that she believes in me.  Nothing fucking else matters.  I decided to give her a chance, I’m definitely regretting that decision now.  I turn $200 into 9k, and all she can say is how I lost 50k in las vegas.  Then she asks me, “How long are you going to do this poker thing?”  I snap said, “fuck you.”  She wants me to drive long distances so she can shop and eat.  It makes me tired.  She don’t give a fuck.  Not one fuck is given.  Then she comes back home and yells at me in front of my parents.  She told me to, “shut up” in front of my parents.  I was so fucking angry.  I felt like taking my hand and banging her head on the table until she was dead.  She makes me so fucking angry.  A wife is supposed to support you and keep you from murdering other motherfuckers.  Not make you crazy and bring the worst out of you. 

            I’m not in a good place right now.  We want to have children, valentine’s day is coming up, I’m under a lot of stress.

            I think I lost that tournament because of the bad karma yelps.  Which were caused by me going to San Francisco and running into an asshole. 

            Currently, I have nothing, and it doesn’t look like anything is going to improve.  Always uphill battle.  Sometimes I get tired and just want to lay down and die.  If I keep my mood stable, I can be an incredible poker player.  If motherfuckers didn’t upset me and give me pressure.

            My fucking wife is a huge burden to me and this family.  Her and her bitch sister spend money and don’t fucking make any money.  I fucking hate them.

            I got to recharge my batteries.  I got to be less of an asshole.  I keep on breaking my new year’s resolution.  I think I will be an asshole for life.

            I need a new outlook on life, a new strategy at looking at life.  I need a rebirth.  Whatever I’m doing, is not fucking working.  I lost that tournament because I am a piece of shit, not because of my playing ability. 

            Eat shit for a while, then rise up from the ashes again.  I told myself I would never go broke again.  I fucking broke that promise again.  Fucking uphill battle man, always, life is never easy.      

44 game day

            What did we learn this week?

            The more scared you play, the more tight you play, the more you lose.

            Aggressive is king. 

            Today’s strategy: I’m second chip leader at my table.  I have a huge problem, chip leader is to my left.  He is a solid player, and he’s the thing keeping me from the final table.  For one level, I’m going to play tight aggressive.  There’s no motherfucking limping at this point.  You either raise fold or raise call.  You got to be a complete dipshit to limp at this point.  Opening hands, any pocket pair, big ace, you c bet once then give up, for the first level.  Yesterday I laid down AJ under the gun.  I think it was because I got reraised when I raised with AQ, so there’s no point in raising again with AJ and folding to a reraise.  Defend your blind to the death. 

            No fear.  The more you fear, the more you lose.  Patricia knows I am a bluffer, but she will still fold her hand. 

            After level 1, I will begin to gradually open up, and will aggressively put an end to the chip leader, to eat the whole table up.  But level 1, just take it easy.

            Play good poker.  Aggressive poker is good poker.  People who fold or check cannot win tournaments.  Eye of the tiger.  Believe in yourself, believe in your reads.  Play like a poker champion.  You prepared this whole week.  You have solidified your game.  Play good fucking poker.  If you lose, you will die fighting, you’re not going to sit there and get blinded out. 

            Most important rule is, defend your fucking blind with every ounce of your body, every fight you have in you, you will defend your blind.

            Last time I tried to money grab and I just ended up losing like a bitch.  No more money grab. 

            Watch motherfuckers for 1 level, and then start raping people.  Your job is to rape people.

            No fear, don’t play like a bitch, if I lose being aggressive, I lose, I would’ve played a good game.  Good luck cocksucker.