46 Write Well

            All-right motherfuckers, free fucking writing is gone.  One must take the CSETS soon, so one must up his writing English game into some formal shit.

            Six rules accumulated so far: 1.  No contractions.  Bye bye motherfucker.  One’s contraction days are over.  2.  No (there is) or (there are).  Use (many) and (much) Strong sentences are the way of the future.  No more shitty sentences.  3.  No (really, very, a lot so).  These words are weak and meaningless.  To throw them out completely will improve ones writing immensely.  4.  No passive voice, use active voice.  Things from now on are not going to be fucked, they will be fucking.  5.  Use strong verbs.  If the noun can be a verb form, just fucking use the verb form of the noun.  6.  No talk in the first person.  No more I, you.  One must talk in the third person from now on.  One is a shitty repetitive word.  Time to practice and write some amazing engrish.  7.  No small words, expand vocabulary.  Put one’s years of English experience to use, motherfucker

            Achieved seventh place last night.  Made the money, then went for it.  Could have probably squeaked my way further, but just decided to go for it.

            K10 (old guy) vs J8 (me)

            K10 limps in early position.  Many called.  One calls with J8 in small blind.  Flop was 10J10.  J8 ships it, K10 calls to win the hand.  Many handed, why risk tournament life.  1200 limp, around six players.  6k in pot.  Bet 3k to see where players are at, then give up hand.  Many players, likely someone has a 10.  Do not risk tournament life at the end.  Use guerrilla warfare and sneak way up to a chop.  Easy cheesy lemon squeezy.   

            First time coming back in a long time.  One is the most hated person in the local casino.  How is one supposed to write a journal without the word I: im-fucking-possible.  One day at a time, motherfucker.        

            Today’s agenda: doing poker, work out, and csets.

            Need to get caught up on movie/show reviews.  One is backed up.