43 poker journal

            Misplayed one hand pretty bad, and I let a motherfucker abuse me, I don’t let motherfuckers abuse me.

            KJ (blue jacket) vs 810 (me)

            Guy raises my sb like for the 3rd time in a row. I just won a hand by shipping it in bb.  I cannot ship it in small blind again, they will not believe me.  I decide to fight this motherfucker.  I call.  Flop Q810.  I check.  He motherfucking checks.  What the fuck?  Turn Q.  fuck.  I bet 4k, the raise amount.  He calls with open-ended. Cocksucker.  River an Ace.  I check, he thinks about it, and fucking checks.  I fucking lose.  Piece of shit.  I should’ve went allin on the turn.  If he bet river, I probably would’ve called him.  Or folded. 

            Right play was go allin.

            1010 (me) vs xx (gray sweatshirt)

                        Guy raises in early position 1000, I reraise to 3000.  Flop JK.  He checks, I check, he bets 4k on turn, I fold.  I should’ve bet 3k and gave up.  What the fuck did he have? 

            44 (me) vs 1010 (blue jacket)

                        I raise preflop in early position, he cold calls with 1010.  Flop 223.  I can’t fucking believe it.  he checks, I bet out, he calls.  Turn 5.  Fuck, overcard but open-ended.  He checks, I bet 6k, he goes allin for like 20k.  I fold.  Fuck.  What the fuck man?  How the fuck did I know he was going to raise turn, should’ve checked it to win the fucking hand. 

            Q2 (me) vs beard

                        Motherfucker raises my bb again, bunch of callers.  I was recently caught shipping with 910.  I just call.  Flop Jxx two diamonds.  Checked around.  Turn K.  I bet 4k, raiser (alleged flush draw) calls.  River I chicken out and check, he bets 7k, I fold.  Can I fucking call him?

            How we play the fucking river: we bet or we check call.  Period.  That’s how we do.  Bet 8k on river to win.  Or we check call with something. 

            RR, big ace-we have to c bet once, regardless, we cannot check it. 

            Probably misplayed a bunch of other shit, but those are the ones I remember. 

            I had 910, small blind, and I shipped it when AK raised me, he called and fucking lost.  Fuck that guy. 

            Did playing tight do shit for me?  I don’t know.  I’m going to play tight tomorrow, with blind defense, and gradually get more looser.  That’s what I’m going to do.  Let’s win some fucking money tomorrow. 

            Kind of a bullshit tournament.  Series, pretty much, sounds kind of like horseshit.  Let’s win this motherfucker. 


42 Strategy

            I woke up with an epiphany.

            So, everyone knows I’m a fucking bluffer.  They’re going to call me down with fucking anything. 

            So, I’m going to play tight my first level.  I will defend my big blind with everything I got.  I’m not really going to defend small blind that much.  But other than that, I will play real tight.  First level I will observe motherfuckers.  I will reraise with high pocket pair (10’s and up) and AK, but play cautiously.  Not get too crazy.  I will call raises with small pocket pair to try and flop a set, and that’s it.  I will raise with high pocket pair and big ace, I will not bluff, but will be a calling station.  I’m not going to slow play shit.  Full steam ahead motherfucker.  I will limp call a raise with underpair. 

            I will not bluff unless my table image gets solid and verified.  Play tight, get no callers, then bluff until I get caught, then play tight again.  That’s what I’m going to fucking do.  That’s the line I walk.  I will be magnificent.  I will do research and be amazing.  This is what a full night of sleep will get me, a very solid strategy. 

41 poker journal

            Everyone knows how I play.  So I got to switch it on them.  I have this image as a loose, bluffer.  So, I basically got fucked up.  Lost a shit load of hands.  Won one.  You just get caught in this situation where there is no where to run.  Maybe just defend your blind, and don’t play any other hands.  But you’re most likely going to go allin and lose.  Maybe I don’t know how to fucking play this game.  Today I was defeated.  I have to learn how to play tight.  I don’t have that many chips.  I don’t know.  I don’t know how to play tight.  Tight is not my strategy.  I lost horribly today.  Just fucking annihilated at every corner.  I got to slow down.  Tomorrow I will play tight, and see how that works.  Play tight, and only defend my blind.  That’s it.  But I will defend it to the fullest.  Made some bad calls today.  I know they are bad calls.  I’m actually kind of fucking exhausted right now.  I don’t want to do any hand anal right now, I actually don’t want to do shit, just want to veg out.  I’m going to call my wife. 


Poker Journal

            Fuck I’m so tired.  It’s 2:10am.  It takes me about 2 hours to do poker notes, just finished.

            Fuck shit balls.  I lost again today because I played scared.  I’m going to play like I have nothing to lose, because I don’t, if I don’t gamble, I can’t win.  I was scared, so I deserved to lose.

            There were like three instances where I should’ve shoved, but I didn’t, because I’m a chicken shit.  I may have or have not have won.  When I am short stack, I just have to shove and hope for the best.  Ride or die motherfucker.  If I don’t double up, I lose anyways motherfucker.

            K5 hearts vs 22 (allegedly)

            Guy raises on the button, he’s been doing that consistently.  There was a limper under the gun.  I call.  The previous hand I called, and shipped allin and won.  Flop 26A (two hearts).  I check, 2’s check, guy bets 10050.  I tank for a long time.  Should I ship or cold call.  It’s half my stack.  I eventually call.  Motherfucker behind me makes it 30k.  raiser folds.  I tank for a little bit more.  If I call, I lose, but with 10k I can live to fight again.  There is enough in the fucking pot to justify a call.  He might have a lower flush draw.  He looks weak.  I fold.  Never the fuck again.  If it is half my stack, I go allin and hope for the best, or I fold, but why would you even play that hand if you didn’t want a flush draw.  Fucking check raise allin or shove allin pre.  You motherfucker.  You cockcusker.  Bet into him, and hope for the best, don’t check raise him.  Fuck.  You play this hand right, you might’ve won.  Those other hands you should’ve shipped.  Aggressive is king.  Don’t be afraid to lose, just fucking go for it man.  !!!

Poker journal

            Only lost 2 bullets today.  I’m getting better.

            The biggest enemy I have is myself.

            K10 (me) vs AA

            I’m short stack.  I got no moves, I’m desperate.  Every time I raise, I get reraised.  I limp in under the gun.  Big blind raises with AA.  I call.  I tell myself, if I hit a K or a 10 I’m going allin.  This is the fucking hand.  Flop A10.  AA checks it.  I shove allin.  He calls me.  I fucking lose.

            Morning tournament I played very good, until I didn’t.  I amassed a huge fucking chip lead, like 120K.  Then I fucking lost it all.  I think when I get a chip lead, I just play looser and crazy and gamble.  I get reckless.  I played some very bad poker at the end, bled off a lot of chips.  I’m a chip punter.

            Last hand of that tournament.  Oh, I played scared by the way.  I just kept on fucking losing, so I decided to play tight, in playing tight, I ended up losing it all.  Because I played scared and tight.  You piece of shit.

            Tight guy min raises under the gun.

            1010 (me) vs 52

            I cold call with 1010, because I have recently been getting my ass kicked.  And the guy raising was real tight.  52 calls for 2k more.  Flop 569.  52 bets out 7k, I call.  Turn 5.  He bets out 14k, I call.  River 6.  He goes allin, I call.  I told myself on turn, I’m going to call him river.  Here’s the situation, I’ve seen him bet pair with a combo draw before.  So, he could’ve easily had a 5.  I played this hand horribly all throughout. 

            1st, I should’ve raised.  Never ever limp with 1010, raise and fold, that’s it.  make it 10k, guy ships it and I call, or he calls and I go allin on flop.  End of hand.  OR, I cold call, and I raise the motherfucker on the flop to win the hand right there.  If you’re a turtle, go back in your shell and die, you motherfucker.  I deserve to lose that tournament.  I don’t know how to play good.  Play better tomorrow asshole.  Play like a fucking champion.  The second tournament I played I did a little better.  Went out like a man, not like a little bitch. 

Poker Journal

            Fuck shit balls.  Play fucking horrible again.

            5 bullets today.  I’m going to run out of ammo soon.

            Misplayed hands.  Got unlucky.  Played bad.  You got to step up motherfucker.

            AA (me) vs 47 diamonds

            I got 5kish left.  Blinds 250/500.  I’m utg.  I make it 1300.  Call, big blind calls.  Flop rags 1 diamond.  I bet 1700, 47 diamonds call.  Turn diamond.  I go allin for less than 5k, he calls with openended straight draw and diamond draw.  Fuck.  6 on river, straight.

            I played that hand so badly.  Raise preflop, then allin on flop.  Don’t fucking slow play it you piece of shit.  You deserve to lose that hand.  Allin on flop motherfucker.

            Got big stacked and just bluffed away all my chips.

            Guy raises in early position 1300.  I caller.  I make it 4300.  Raiser tanks for a bit, then goes allin.  Tried too many bluffs in a row.  Bluff meter was way too low.

            Bunch of limpers.  I raise with 55.  Short stack behind me shoves for a bit.  I call.  AKK on flop, guy shoves it allin on me, I fold.

            Called off a couple of raises and folded. 

            A8 raises my blind.  Flop K8x.  I prebet her, she calls.  I check turn, check river.  fuck that.  I triple barrel.  I was scared, so I lost that hand.  If I bet turn and river, I fucking win that hand. 

            Just got my ass handed to me.  Was big stacked, then donked off all my chips.  Couldn’t get the engine running. 

            Bad play motherfucker.

            K6 hearts (me) vs KJ

                        Guy limps in, thought about raising him, but just called.  Then big blind cocksucker raises with KJ a little bit.  I call.  Flop Kxx.  He ships it, I call.  I lose.  Fuck.  Should I have just raised it preflop, nah, I only have 5k.  just call and go for it. 

Just kind of a snowballing falling down on me.

The worst thing is, when you play tight, and you raise with AA, and nobody fucking calls you.  That’s the worst thing ever.  I never ever want that shit to happen to me.  I want to raise every hand and win.  I rather bluff all my chips than have nobody call me with AA.  Worst feeling ever.

Poker Journal

            Fuck shit balls.  Motherfucker

            1a.  Three bullets, down the fucking drain.

            1st bullet.  I set up a loose bluffing image.

            AA (me) vs QQ (female fat)

                        I raise in early position with AA, I think I raised to 500.  She wakes up with QQ in small blind, she makes it 1200.  I make it 3600.  She tanks for a long time, then fucking ships it.  I fucking call her.  Fucking Q on the flop.  Didn’t see that one coming right.

            2nd bullet.  Just sitting there bleeding chips dry.  I don’t think I understand this structure yet, because I keep fucking losing. 

            45 (me) vs 66 (white raiders)

            Limped around, I’m in big blind.  I check.  Flop 10510.  I check it.  6’s bet 1200.  I go allin making it like 6k.  he tanks for a long time, then calls me.  Shit.  I should’ve bet the flop, and just fucking folded after that.  Lose the minimum.  Tough call to make.  Played it bad, he almost fucking folded.

            3rd bullet.  Fuck, shit, balls.  I deserve to lose this fucking hand.  Let’s just remember, that I’m not playing with very good players at $120.  The hand before, I raised some guys blind, and he reraised me allin.  I folded, even though I might’ve been ahead, who knows.  Maybe he had bigger ace.  So, I’m thinking, the next time I raise, I’m going to call or ship it.  Then I get this hand.

            44 (me) vs QQ (white sf giants)

            Very next hand after someone reraised me allin, I raise with 44.  The previous reraiser just called.  Big blind wakes up with QQ and he reraises me.  So, he just saw me fold previously, and thinks I’m full of shit.  Is he pulling a move on me?  He’s been showing some winners.  AK, JJ, an Ace, maybe KK, AQ, I forget.  So, my first reaction was, this isn’t the guy who reraised me allin previously, I was trying to trap him, but ended up running into another guy.  I think maybe he had a real hand.  Shit.  I go allin despite my read.  He snap calls me.  Fucking done son. 

            I think I should slow down tomorrow.  I got to change gears tomorrow.  Fish gear, although there’s a lot of good players tomorrow.  Got to fish gear it.  Played like shit.  Three bullets down the drain for no reason. 

            Fuck swip swap.  I’m just going to be aggressive and not stop, no time or chips for swip swap.  Just fire fire fire and hope I hit.  That’s fucking it.  Play better motherfucker, trust your reads like you trust the force.  Be a jedi poker player.